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Anti-Semitism is Alive and Well at the New York Times

During World War II, the New York Times buried stories about the death camps operating during the Holocaust deep into their newspapers.  Today it practices anti-Semitism at a more aggressive level. On April 25th it published a blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon showing a Dachshund dog with a face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a […]

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th annually

On November 1, 2005 the United Nations General Assembly designated every January 27th as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This day is dedicated to the 6 million plus victims of the Holocaust that occurred during World War II. Every member nation of the United Nations is encouraged to honor and remember the victims of the Holocaust […]

Video of sermon by Kuwait Cleric to annihilate Israel

Speech by Kuwaiti Cleric preaching annihilation of Israelis

Religious leaders often teach hateful beliefs. In this sermon from July 14, 2014 Kuwaiti Celric Tareq Al-Suwaidan teaches the importance of martyrdom and how all Israeli’s have to be annihilated. He says it is the responsibility of all Muslims to kill deviant countries and that Israel is a deviant country because they do not believe […]

Humans Think in Categories

Anti-Semitism, (prejudice against Jews) has existed in the world for at least two thousand years. It is a phenomenon that has caused numerous genocides, including the violent destruction of six million Jewish men, women and children and five million individuals of other targeted groups during World War II known as the Holocaust. Genocide events are […]