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Blinded by Hatred

Many people have asked me if the information I send to an email distribution list has changed anyone’s position on national and world politics issues. Sadly, the answer due to media bias, is very rarely. People read the articles but from their strong pre-existing bias – “I hate Trump; Biden is demented.”  This is a […]

The Palestinian Incentive Program for Killing Jews

The PLO has a formal policy of paying terrorists for attacking Israelis.  If the terrorist is killed their family gets a monthly pension and if the terrorist is jailed their family gets monthly support payments.  These payments usually exceed what Palestinians receive for nonviolent work.  For more insight into why Palestinians and Middle East Arabs […]

The Smartest Guys in the Room Are the Ones Getting It Wrong

History has shown that you must be able to understand the viewpoint of your enemies. By viewing their position with your ideology and beliefs you’re placing yourself in grave danger. Deeply entrenched beliefs of other people, religious and otherwise, do not just change because of actions you take. To think otherwise is to ignore world […]

ISIS has been given approval by their religious leaders to use weapons of mass destruction

  ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, an organization that has employed terrorism and brutal mass murder to take over large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria and create a religiously pure Muslin caliphate, is also trying to develop biological weapons. The publication Foreign Policy ( reported this information citing information found […]

Video of sermon by Kuwait Cleric to annihilate Israel

Speech by Kuwaiti Cleric preaching annihilation of Israelis

Religious leaders often teach hateful beliefs. In this sermon from July 14, 2014 Kuwaiti Celric Tareq Al-Suwaidan teaches the importance of martyrdom and how all Israeli’s have to be annihilated. He says it is the responsibility of all Muslims to kill deviant countries and that Israel is a deviant country because they do not believe […]

You must grasp the other groups’ beliefs, culture & viewpoint

Armed ISIS Sunnis riding down a street in Iraqi on a pick-up truck Different cultures have distinct perspectives on how they should live their lives.  Some cultures abhor freedom while others embrace it.  If you are from a culture that thinks freedom is worth dying for, do not forget that another culture may feel freedom […]

Prejudicial Beliefs Can Easily be Transferred from Generation to Generation

Photo of four generations in a family with a cross in the background

Judith Miller Ph.D. – Prejudicial Beliefs Can Easily be Transferred from Generation to Generation Can we Humans Learn How to Transcend These Beliefs? Part 1 Judith Miller Ph.D., an American Jew, a developmental psychologist and professor, has traveled to Germany several times a year for the last 14 years. On these trips, she conducts workshops […]