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Why is the War Between the Ukraine and Russia not a Holocaust?

Ukraine-Russian War refugees in LVIV, Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine is a conflict between two sovereign states over territorial and political disputes, whereas the Holocaust was a systematic genocide committed by Nazi Germany during World War II that targeted and killed six million Jews and other marginalized groups. The war in Ukraine has not been characterized by the same […]

DID YOU KNOW that the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in retrospect can be used to understand the persecution of European Jews in the 1930s?

During the 2014 Oscars, they celebrated the 75th anniversary of the release of the “Wizard of Oz” by having Pink sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” But what few people realized, while listening to that incredible performer singing that unforgettable song, is that the music is deeply embedded in the Jewish experience. It is no accident, for […]

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th annually

On November 1, 2005 the United Nations General Assembly designated every January 27th as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This day is dedicated to the 6 million plus victims of the Holocaust that occurred during World War II. Every member nation of the United Nations is encouraged to honor and remember the victims of the Holocaust […]

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem played a major role in the Holocaust

Nazis, Islamiss, and the Making of the Modern Middle East

The film A Journey into the Holocaust discusses how the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem got Britain to dramatically reduce Jewish immigration to Palestine. The Grand Mufti, al-Hajj Amin al-Husaini, was possibly even more successful in his efforts with Hitler. In a 2014 book Nazis, Islamists and the Making of the Modern Middle East (Yale University […]

Germany Remembers Romani Victims of the Holocaust/Porajmos

Gypsy Memorial in Berlin, Germany

The mass killings of various targeted civilian groups by Germany and its allies during World War II took place throughout many parts of occupied Europe. Although Hungary and Austria assume little to no responsibility for their murderous role in the extermination of civilians, Germany does assume full responsibility for its actions. As a response to […]

Humans Think in Categories

Anti-Semitism, (prejudice against Jews) has existed in the world for at least two thousand years. It is a phenomenon that has caused numerous genocides, including the violent destruction of six million Jewish men, women and children and five million individuals of other targeted groups during World War II known as the Holocaust. Genocide events are […]