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Our students matured 3 to 4 years during the 5 day A Journey into the Holocaust educational program

At Garfield Park Academy our middle and high school students can be very self-focused.  We consider this normal behavior for our student population with the emotional, behavioral and social challenges they endure each day.  Staff noticed very significant changes in our students as they went through the five day educational program based on the film A Journey into the Holocaust.  The students’ interest and concern for others’ well-being became more apparent than ever before.   Throughout their discussions they appeared to have matured three to four years.  This maturity has also transitioned to all other subject areas as well.  At Garfield Park Academy we are both shocked and extremely pleased with this enormously positive change, something that we had not anticipated.  I would highly recommend educators use the A Journey into the Holocaust documentary and curriculum guide as one of their main resources when educating students about the Holocaust and genocide.

Kerrie Kaufman Anczarki

Director, Garfield Park Academy


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