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How do we Eradicate Racial and Religious Prejudice in the time of George Floyd’s Murder

Hands of different colors and cultures unite in a circle against racism.

How do we Eradicate Racial and Religious Prejudice?

Only by the efforts of educators!

If we just leave the development of a young person’s belief system to their family, they will mostly end up with the beliefs of their family.

Our main goal for our A Journey into the Holocaust film and accompanying teacher’s guide is to rapidly immerse students in an understanding of all type of prejudice and persecution. It is used as an educational tool in schools in 46 states and several other countries. Teaching the Holocaust and genocide is important to help students develop a sense of humanitarian awareness and tolerance for all groups of people, regardless of their differences. It is also important to preserve the testimonies of Survivors so that future generations can benefit from hearing their eye witness stories. The horrendous video of George Floyd’s murder does not cover the persecution he experienced over his lifetime by people that believed they had a duty to persecute him. Our 14 Survivors explain how and why they suffered almost continuous persecution.


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