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Rafael Medoff – Why Didn’t FDR Help European Jews

FDR supported the internment of Americans of Japanese origin. "[H]e regarded both Jews and Asians as having innate biological characteristics that made it difficult, or even impossible, for them to become fully loyal Americans."

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Pinsker – Auto-Emancipation

This most important piece, written in 1882, reads like it was written today. It addresses the plights of the Jews then, and for the last 2,000 years, and the question of how can they safely live in a world where they can neither assimilate nor be accepted by their host country. It is probably the most important article on this page.

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Nazi Slave Labor Camp List

Every entity that owned or controlled a Slave Labor Location and the location of each location. 62 page long list.

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The Collective Punishment of Egypt’s Christian Copts

Details of a number of attacks in 2012 inflicting “collective punishment” on Christian Copts. One attack by 2,000-3,000 Muslims was triggered when a Christian launderer accidentally burned the shirt of a Muslin customer.

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Revisiting the Voyage of the Damned

The details of the ill-fated voyage of the St. Louis in 1939. Cuba and the United States both refused to allow the passengers to disembark, even though they knew the passengers were Jewish and fleeing for their lives from Nazi Germany.

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The Myth of Nazi Gun Control

The German Law on Firearms and Ammunition was introduced to Germany in 1928 under the Weinmar regime. It was issued to disarm private armies like the Nazi SA (also known as the “brownshirts”).

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DWMS Hitler Grant Full Powers

April 25, 1933 front page of the London Daily Worker announcing the Enabling Act which gave Hitler full powers. This is a socialist newspaper which did not see Hitler as a friend to labor. Jewish persecution is also covered.

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Leo Pinsker the founding father of Zionism and the idea that Jews need their own country

Leo Pinsker, lived in Russia, and was the founding father of Zionism. He lived during a period when European countries focused on nationalism, but the Jews had no physical country, just a spiritual identity. Russia held 2/3rd's of all Jews in the world as a result of conquering large portions of Poland, but hated Jews.

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Winnipeg Evening Tribune 7-24-1935

Front page coverage of the Nazis drive to close all Catholic Youth Organizations and reduce the influence of Catholicism. It also announces the continuing efforts of Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic newspaper against Jews.

Read Now Mapping German Anti-Semitism

Study regionally mapping present day German anti-Semitic attitudes shows that they are closely related to the attitudes of German regions in 1890-1912, the 1920’s and the votes for the Nazis in the 1930’s.

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Jewish Persecution in History

Brief descriptions of each major period of destruction and extensive persecution beginning in 70 AD thought the Holocaust.

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Wollheim Memorial article – Mark Spoerer – Forced Labor in the Third Reich

Extensive study of German use of forced labor in the Third Reich. Covers the recruitment of workers (voluntary and involuntary), POWs and concentration camp inmates. Working and living conditions by status of worker are reviewed. Period of Jewish forced labor beginning in 1938, before WWII is also examined.

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Daily Mirror 4-1-1933 – Germany’s War on Jews

Full front-page coverage on April 1, 1933 of Germany declaring the war on Jews will only last 24 hours if foreign criticism stops. Per Dr. Goebells, “If the boycott has to be resumed it will be resumed in a manner calculated to destroy German Jewry.”

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Islam’s Jihad Against Homosexuals

The rise of modern Islamic Extremism has worsened institutionalized Muslim Homophobia. How did this Homophobia become institutionalized?

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