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Why is the War Between the Ukraine and Russia not a Holocaust?

Ukraine-Russian War refugees in LVIV, Ukraine
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The war between Russia and Ukraine is a conflict between two sovereign states over territorial and political disputes, whereas the Holocaust was a systematic genocide committed by Nazi Germany during World War II that targeted and killed six million Jews and other marginalized groups. The war in Ukraine has not been characterized by the same level of mass extermination, dehumanization, and industrialized murder that defined the Holocaust. While the war has certainly involved tragic loss of life and human suffering, it is not accurate or appropriate to compare it to the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is the name of a single specific genocide. No other genocide can ever have that name. Also, the war between the Ukraine and Russia is a war, not a genocide. A genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or part, of an ethnic, racial, political, religious, or national group. Russia wants to add the Ukrainian population of 45 million people and land to its population and borders to become a larger world power. It wants to force the Ukraine to capitulate, but does not want to kill 45 million Ukrainians.


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