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Rwanda genocide: The genocidal role of tens of thousands of women

Tens of thousands of women took part in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, but their role is rarely spoken about, and reconciliation with their family is hard. Journalist Natalia Ojewska of BBC News has interviewed some female perpetrators in prison. Tens of thousands of women participated in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, but their role […]

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

We viewed A Journey Into The Holocaust in my History of the Holocaust class and used the study guide with our lessons. It was a fantastic introduction to the semester and if you are not teaching a separate Holocaust class, you can use this curriculum to cover The Holocaust (in a nutshell). Thank you for […]

March of the Living April 26, 2014

Photo of Leon Weissberg

Visiting the sites of the Holocaust is an amazing experience. I’m leading a group of 80 adults through the sites mentioned in A Journey into the Holocaust and elaborated upon by the Survivors. Most of the group I’m with from Boca Raton, FL has all seen the film. They indicated it was a powerful movie […]

An Old Memory of WWII I want my children to know.

Soon we will all be gone so I relate these stories held deep in the depths of my inner mind, memories returning in the night to keep me awake. As a radioman on the USS Wakefield AP21, once a proud luxury liner, the largest ever built by America, the SS Manhattan taken over by the US Coast […]


Dr. Leon Weissberg The systematic destruction of all or part of a racial, ethnic, religious or national group is known as Genocide – a word that did not exist prior to 1944. A Polish lawyer of Jewish descent, who emigrated to the United States in 1941, Raphael Lemkin coined the word in in his work, […]

How Leon Rubach was able to live outside the Jewish ghetto.

Leon Rubach’s father was drafted into the Polish Army a month before World War II started. He left Leon’s family to serve and they never saw him again. With his father gone it was just Leon, his mother and his six-month-old baby brother. They lived in a Jewish ghetto in Czetochowa Poland for two years […]

Jewish Policy at German railroads in the 1930s

For a study of German Railroad ”Jewish Policy” pre-World War II see ie Reichsbahn und die Juden 1933–1939: Antisemitismus bei der Eisenbahn in der Vorkriegszeit by Alfred Gottwaldt. Although prior to 1933 only 200 of the 15,000 employees of the Berlin Railroad Directorate (Reichsbahan) were members of the Nazi party, Reichsbahan management often took anti-Semitic actions […]

A Life Spared from the Gas Chamber by Chance and Hard Work

Rose Koperwas, a prisoner at Auschwitz, had the job of cleaning and taking care of the clothing repairs for a barrack of camp guards. She worked extremely hard at this job knowing it could be the difference between life and death. One day she was walking across the camp grounds and a few guards gathered […]